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redsterla's Journal

18 December
By profession, I'm a music supervisor (I help directors find and put music into their films & TV shows), teach an online class in music supervision (http://www.mbischool.com/mbi2140.html), but do lots of other things to keep myself out of trouble -- even venturing into the world of retail sales, which (surprisingly) didn't suck.

I sing (http://www.gaelmacgregor.com/the-music), write (songs, stories, memoirs, articles, essays), bake, cook, meditate, watch lots of sports (love baseball, hockey and figure skating especially), do all sorts of craftsy stuff (make Christmas ornaments, cross stitch, crochet -- even have an etsy shop [http://www.etsy.com/shop/GaelsGlories] -- and love to go places I've never been before.

I've just finished my first sort of memoir-style book about life and getting through it (sounds cheesy, but the end result -- after some judicious editing -- seems to work well). My long-time creative partner is working on some illustrations for it, and hopefully by spring of 2013 it will be on bookshelves everywhere. :)

I may post recipes, links to some of my favorite spots, musings, rants, reviews or whatever flits across my mind, but think that I may spend much of my time here finding the writings of others.

I leave you with one of my favorite poems by William Blake:


He who binds to himself a joy,
Doth the winged life destroy;
But he who kisses the joy as it flies
Lives in eternity's sunrise.